GREY yarn :

Needle Knits offers the wide range of specialized GREY yarn in best Pakistani 100% Cotton, Poly/Cotton ring spun carded/combed & Open End yarn for knitting / weaving in single, 2ply & 3plys from the best mills specially in Punjab and in general from Pakistan. We also offers value added products like Viscose, Modal, Acrylic, Melange, Organic Cotton, Compact yarn, Slub Yarn, Multi count & Multi twist yarn from count 8s/1 to 40s/1 cd/cm for denim/ weaving & knitting. To meet our customer requirements we offer a wide variety of options in raw materials especially from Pakistani cotton and also American, Australian, Pima, Giza, Organic cotton.


We offer the Dyed/ Bleach yrans in Reactive or Wat process in 10s/1 ~ 36s/1 for knitting and weaving as well as for Socks in single & or 2ply from the best cone dyeing plants. Sewing Thread in 100% cotton & 100% polyester raw white and dyed plastic /paper cones. Embroidery thread 20/2~60/2 and 3ply Raw white/dyed. Melange Yarn in ring spun count 10s/1 ~ 36s/1 cd/cm & Open End 8s/1~16s/1 for knitting / weaving & sock in 100%cotton and cotton blends with Polyester etc.